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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rachel by Jill Eileen Smith

As with the many books by Jill that I have read in the past, I ended up devouring this one. She has a gift for making the bible come to life and I enjoy biblical fiction because of authors like Jill.

 Her books are interesting, factual, and stay closely to the actual biblical account. Jill's newest book revisits the age old story of deception and is a good example of "what goes around comes around".

After deceiving his brother Esau for his birthright, Jacob ends up being deceived by his father in law. Stuck with a wife he never wanted, Jacob ends up laboring longer and harder for his beloved, Rachel. In the meantime, Leah is constantly shadowing their relationship and no matter how much Rachel wants Jacob all to herself - she must live out her marriage, sharing her soul mate.

As a reader, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Leah as well. How awful to be so unloved that you have to trick a man into marrying you. Leah then lives with the constant reminder that she wasn't truly loved or wanted.

There is so much tension and conflict in this story, yet it held my attention all the way through. The sisters are constantly in competition for Jacob's attention and affection, and the dynamics of this life triangle at times surprised me.

 I HIGHLY recommend Jill's books and can't say enough good things about them.

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