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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lost & Found by Sarah Jakes

This book was very disappointing and not at all what I expected. I did not find it inspirational. It was chaotic and drama filled from start to end.

I realize the author's intent was to be vulnerable and transparent, but it seemed like she was counseling herself in most of the chapters. I did feel for her, being a prominent pastor's daughter, pregnant and unmarried and the stigma she faced with all of that.

However, much of the book felt very "self promoting" as readers are constantly reminded of her family's accomplishments and successes. For as many times as Sarah writes about wanting to be "just Sarah" and not recognized as a "Jakes", she then turns around and writes about the family's success story.

The very first page, second sentence, comments on her father being featured in Time magazine as the next Billy Graham. The very next sentence talks about their church being the fastest growing church in the nation. And then the name dropping begins.......Oprah, Aretha Franklin.........the first page of the book has very little to do with Sarah's story at all.

 At one point, it felt like a reality TV show in print, as she described being angry at her fiance', taking off her jewelry and getting ready to brawl. I was concerned for her young son throughout most of the book, wondering where he was during all of this drama, and WHO was caring for him? Not just physically, but emotionally.

I found myself aching for a baby boy who seemed to be taking second place to his mother's relationships. The baby appears to be an afterthought, while the dysfunctional relationships with men are front and center in just about every chapter.

I was REALLY concerned, when as a married woman, Sarah takes off after her cheating husband and his girlfriend, leaving the two children sleeping in the house.

This "story" wasn't anything new, fresh or inspiring. It doesn't clearly lead readers in the direction of God as far as what it means to walk with Him, be in a relationship with Him and turn your life around.

It's mainly about a privileged young woman who rebels, and has her family backing her up, no matter how poor her choices. Regardless of how many bad decisions she makes, she is constantly bailed out by her family, who she eventually ends up working for. 

Her version of "single divorced mom" is much different than most single moms I know. While Sarah definitely had her struggles, I think most young women who are truly struggling will find it hard to relate to this particular "Cinderella" story.

I would suggest checking this out from your local library, instead of wasting your money.


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