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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Somebody Like You

This is my favorite book by Beth so far!

I've read Catch a Falling Star and Wish You Were Here, but Beth's latest novel blows both of those away (in my opinion).

If you are on the hunt for vacation reads this summer, I highly recommend adding this one to your list. I was drawn to this story from the first page. There's something about it that just stuck with me and made me want to keep reading. I love books like this where engaging with the characters is effortless.

The main character, Haley faces the unimaginable. She loses her husband Sam, while pregnant with their first child. Little does she know, Sam has an identical twin. The two of them end up meeting, sharing grief and regrets about their relationship with Sam. I won't tell anymore of the story because it is truly worth reading for yourself!

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