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Friday, April 21, 2017

Waiting Uncertain

Back in February, I posted about feeling a "nudge" regarding some possible changes in our future.

We are still waiting to learn exactly what this all means.

Waiting is hard.  And yet I am determined to wait for "Isaac", rather than take an Ishmael.

Oh, I'm tempted to question all right.  I battle daily, still out of control.

The mental warfare is tough.  Because in the natural?  This is impossible. 

I have a few choices:

1:  Continue to wait patiently, no matter what our circumstances look like.  Wait for Isaac.

2:  Give up, thinking we've heard wrong and somehow missed God in all of this.  

3:  Help God out a little, try to make this thing happen in my own strength, and make a big, fat, hairy mess of it all.  Birth an Ishmael.

In the Bible, there's a lot of waiting going on.  There is due season and appointed time.  And we're told to be hopeful, courageous, strong, patient......   

All hard things, when you want (and need) something so much.

There's a big difference between a *want* and *need*.  

And this basic need?  Is a giant, scary mountain.

A long time ago, an older couple told us, "It is far better to be a little behind God, and have Him waiting on you to catch up, then to be way out ahead of Him, and hoping He will clean up the mess."

God help us to wait, patiently.

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