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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sandwich Generation

Sandwiched in the middle. That's where I have been.

You'll notice the book reviews have slowed down around here.

I love to read.  (Always have, always will.)

It saddens me that so many great books seem to be passing me by.  I long to curl up on the couch for a whole weekend - nothing but a blanket, hot cup of coffee and good books surrounding me.

Nothing but the sound of turning pages.

(I still like books with real pages!)

I feel that way about life sometimes too.  So many things passing me by.   I need to stop and breathe.  See some daylight.  Just be.

I've been "sandwiched" for quite some time now.  Caught in the cross-fire of trying to figure out what middle age is supposed to look like, and caring for an aging parent.  Pulled in many directions.  Now facing health challenges with my husband.   (Who, for close to two decades, also helped his elderly parent.)

Recently I had a week where my mom was headed one direction in an ambulance, and my husband was headed the opposite direction for an MRI. On the same day.  Hours apart.

2015 should be interesting.

I think my word for this year is going to be "SURPRISE!!!!"

Not the, hey you just won a vacation kind of surprise..........

More like the jack-in-the-box pops up and startles you every.single.time, keeping you on the edge, waiting for the next "POP!"

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Wow! A real live blog entry from you, love it. Don't love your situation but I love that you're writing. Chin up, life has gone quickly thus far, it will continue to do so. Our time here is limited.