Friday, July 16, 2010

Unspeakable Journey

It was supposed to be a quick trip to the grocery store, but it turned into an Unspeakable Journey...

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Isabella is abducted in the parking lot of her local grocery store. Hasam, a sinister human trafficker, arranges for her to marry his longtime friend and Saudi Arabian prince, Latif.

Latif has everything--political prowess, success, and wealth--until he meets Isabella. She is beautiful, alluring, and all that he has dreamed of in a wife, and Isabella's defiant refusal makes her even more desirable. Far from home, in a land where women are oppressed, Isabella struggles with the loss of her husband and two daughters, imprisonment, and isolation. Will God rescue her from this nightmare? Will she give in to hopeless despair?

Join author Rinda Hahn in this story of passion and obsession, faith and bravery, and find out what happens on an Unspeakable Journey.

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Unspeakable Journey begins with the main character, Isabella, celebrating the eve of her 30th birthday with a close college friend.  Although enjoying the rare break from her role as wife and mother, Isabella adores her family and is headed home, happy and content with her life.  An ill-fated stop at the grocery store changes Isabella forever when three men in an SUV abduct her as she is leaving the store and getting into her car.  Although she does her best to fight back and resist, Isabella is taken against her will, drugged and flown out of the country.
As Isabella begins to awaken from her drug induced sleep, panic threatens to overcome her when she realizes she most likely will never see her husband and children again.  Hasam, the man responsible for her abduction, informs her that he will kill her if she doesn’t cooperate.  Isabella quickly discerns that Hasam is not only a man of power, but pure evil.  
Hasam ends up selling Isabella to his closet friend Latif, a very wealthy Saudi Arabian prince.  Isabella is suddenly forced into a country, a culture and a marriage that will shake her faith to the core and test her limits mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
I found myself inspired by Isabella’s faith and determination in this story, as she faced unimaginable horrors.  You can’t help but walk away from this book thinking deeper about your own personal convictions and what it might be like to walk in Isabella’s shoes.  In the midst of a truly horrific nightmare, Isabella manages to dig deep within and share the love of Christ with those around her.  The impact she has on many lives is amazing and inspirational.   This is an example of being the hands and feet of Jesus no matter where we are, or how difficult the situation is.  As others observe us in a difficult situation, our life may have more impact than we realize and our testimony more power, than we ever imagined.  
Rinda Hahn’s debut novel, Unspeakable Journey will take you on the ride of your life!  This is one of those books you might not want to start at bedtime unless you plan to be up all night.   I could hardly put it down and felt like I was right next to Isabella as she clung to her hope and faith in Christ.  Congratulations to Rinda for a brilliant debut!
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