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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Secret of Grace

From Goodreads: 

Are you "living by the rules" or letting the grace of God rule you? If you're living for God--living by the rules--you'll always be exhausted. You'll feel you're not doing enough for Him and if you don't "measure up," He'll be displeased.

But letting His grace have its way in you is entirely different! In the Scriptures it's an open secret that the love of God for us isn't based on our performance for Him. He sent Christ to set us free from rules. He didn't make us His children so we could serve Him in our own feeble power, but to let His limitless power flow through us!

God the Father has provided everything we need for a truly meaningful, joy-filled life here on earth...all because of His marvelous grace. Rest in the grace of God, and let Him live through you. Find out how in The Secret of Grace.

"Understanding grace doesn't lead to sinful desires. It has the opposite effect - it causes our motivation toward obedience to be love and desire." 
- The Secret of Grace 

Cafe Lily's Review:

In the last few years, I have met many Christians who are completely burned out, worn out, weary and empty.  There's almost a glaze to their eyes.  They are hurt, wounded, dazed.

So many Christians are or have been caught up in a "performance - acceptance" cycle. (count me in, and add me to that number)

If they do all of the right things, God is pleased. After sitting under years of sermons that admonish them to try harder, do more, read their Bible more, attend church more, _________________ (fill in the blank) more......Christians are slowly withering inside.

They can't measure up, can't keep up and feel like failures. 

Keeping all of the rules is tiring. And the word grace? A matter of semantics.

To some, it's a "slippery slope teaching" that leads to rebellion and heresy. To others, its the refreshing oasis they've been searching for, that causes them to pause and breathe. (count me in, and add me to that number)

The Secret of Grace is a fantastic book. It is simple yet thorough. If you are coming out of legalism and need a good starting place, I highly recommend this book. It is very sound teaching, with plenty of scripture and questions to help you dig deeper.

It does NOT teach that by embracing your freedom in Christ, you also have the freedom to go "hog wild" and do whatever you please. This book helps redirect your focus to what Christ did on the cross, and teaches you to learn more about who you are in Christ.


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