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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dancing For The Devil


An explosive memoir of transformation from a high-end former stripper and escort who hit rock-bottom, turned to God, and left the sex trade to found Eve’s Angels, a ministry reaching out to women in the sex industry. 

Growing up as the daughter of an NCAA Championship-winning basketball coach and a stay-at-home mom, Anny Donewald had a seemingly blessed childhood. Then, at thirteen, one of her father’s players sexually abused her, and Donewald embarked a path toward self-destruction. When Donewald was convinced to compete in an amateur night at a strip club, she found herself drawn into a world of drugs, money, and flesh peddlers in Michigan and Chicago—and eventually Las Vegas’ hottest XXX clubs. But the fantasy of fistfuls of hundred dollar bills quickly turned to the reality of bloodstains on bathroom floors and nights with customers in presidential suites at luxurious hotels. 

At an emotional breaking point and pondering the termination of the unborn son, Anny reached the gates of her personal hell. There, she found God. Then, this long-legged, fiery blonde fought to free herself from the sex trade, and, by the healing grace of God, launched her non-profit, Eve’s Angels, which reaches out to girls who want out of the sex trade. Dancing for the Devil takes an in-depth look at Anny’s struggles and sheds a new insider’s light on the horrible reality of the sex industry from someone who’s seen the worst of it. 

This captivating memoir shows how women from all walks of life find themselves trapped by the sex trade and, most importantly, explains how they can get out, start over, and find the love of Christ. Courageous and unforgettable, Dancing for the Devil is a heartbreaking story of darkness, grace, and, ultimately, redemption. 

Cafe Lily's Review:

Readers need to be forewarned that while the publisher and author did an amazing job of presenting such a horrific, explicit topic without profanity or overly graphic descriptions, this book is not what I consider suitable for all readers.  I would caution that this for mature audiences only.

This memoir was mentally taxing to read at times.  I found myself wondering how a young woman from such a loving, stable home would end up in such hellish environments. Anny answers that question and more, with her life story.  This was a very eye opening book and heart wrenching at the same time.  

I quickly learned that the term "high-end" stripper is an oxymoron.  

Anny shows her readers the rock bottom devastation of this industry, by slowly peeling away layers of her life and allowing a glimpse into what the industry is truly like.  It is dark and evil beyond what I could even begin to imagine.  

As a parent, it was gut-wrenching to read what her parents went through as Anny muddled in and out of clubs, breaking their hearts and their trust repeatedly.   The story turns from hopeless to inspirational, as readers see how God began working in Anny and now ministers through her, to others who have fallen into the sex industry.

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