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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Midwife's Choice

Come Home to Friendship, Family, and Faith in the Town of Trinity
In a time when the traditional ways of medicine are constantly being questioned by new doctors fresh from medical school, midwife Martha Cade tries to balance her life's calling with the demands of her family. Recently reunited with her estranged seventeen-year-old daughter, Martha finds herself torn between guiding her child and allowing her to be an adult. At the same time, she must decide whether she'll risk reopening the heart she'd long closed off to love.

Though a small town, Trinity, Pennsylvania, is fraught with secrets, and as a midwife, Martha moves among its people. She knows which homes are filled with light and love, which families have slipped into grief, which wives are unhappy, and which husbands dare to cross lines...As Martha struggles with the conflicts of being a mother, a midwife, and a woman, she learns the greatest lessons of all--that hope can shine even in the darkest hours, and that faith has a way of making the impossible possible.

Cafe Lily's Review:

This is the "second" book in the At Home In Trinity series.  (Actually, this is a reprint of Home to Trinity with an updated cover).  The original cover looks like this:

I think I enjoyed the second book in the series, better than the first.  You can read my review of The Midwife's Tale here.

Readers meet up again with Martha Cade and some other familiar characters. This book had more suspense and action than the first one and seemed to move faster for me, than the first book.  As Martha continues her practice as the town's midwife, she struggles to find balance in her life.  Overworked and spread too thin, Martha feels the pressure of meeting the needs of so many.

I do think it would be helpful to read the first book, because this second book features so many of the same characters.  I think I would have felt a little out of the loop, if I had just picked up this second book and started the series there.  I'm expecting another to follow, as the ending leaves readers hanging a bit.

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