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Thursday, June 16, 2016

ScenSei Wax Tarts - Review

I have always loved candles, but when wax tarts became all the rage, I became even more scent obsessed.

I am a huge fan of Yankee candles / wax tarts, but they can be expensive AND, some of the scents do not last long.  (boo, hiss, considering what you pay for those tarts!)

I have resorted to some of the Better Homes and Gardens tarts, (found at Walmart) and there a few that have a throw, stronger than Yankee Candle.   Try out Brownie Pecan Pie if you think I am kidding!

Line-Dried Linen is another that will fill your entire home with scent.

One day I did a Google search for "strongest smelling wax tarts" and discovered ScenSei.

According to their home page, they are hand poured, tested, and hold the maximum amount of scent oil available in a wax tart. These tarts are marketed as the strongest and longest lasting scent tart available.

I decided to give them a try, and was hopeful, based on what I read and the customer reviews.

Could they leap tall buildings in a single bound?    Sadly, no.

I wanted to love them, based on what I read, but I have to be honest and say I was not impressed with the throw.   Maybe I received a bad batch.   I don't know, but they did not hold their scent any longer than my cheaper Better Homes & Gardens tarts.

They were incredibly soft, and hard to handle.  It felt like they were melting in my hand, while trying to get them into the warmer.  I did not like the consistency at all.   When it came time to remove them from my warmer, it was not easy.  They were hard and stuck to the warmers like glue.  It was irritating.

What a shame.  There are so many delightful sounding smells to choose from.

One scent I tried was "Pureness"    The description said: This is a PERFECT dupe of the Aveda Shampure scent… it is fresh and clean and will make your whole space smell like it just took a glorious shower!

It did smell nice while it was burning, but after a few hours, the scent was gone.  I left it in my warmer and turned it on the next day.   NO throw.    (The fragrance emitted from a candle when it is burning.)

So, I popped the wax cubes out and tried another, just to see if it was well mixed.   While I had a blissful scent for a few hours (less than 8) - it didn't "throw" as much I was hoping.

My Better Homes & Gardens "Linen" scent, and Yankee Candle Clean Cotton beat the Scensei tart hands down. 

Unfortunately, they did not live up to the "hype" and I won't be ordering them again.  They were a pain to clean up, did not last, and did not deliver the scent strength I was hoping for.

For now, the search for the ultimate tart continues.

Until I find it, Better Homes & Gardens will do.

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