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Monday, December 19, 2016

Not A Sparrow Falls

Mary Washburn never planned to make a career out of meth production.  She also never planned to end up living in a rusted out singlewide trailer in Virginia, with her boyfriend Jonah and Dwayne, their business partner.  

With her Mama dead and her Papa gone – she has no family to run home to.   Mary feels trapped with little education and no viable skills, and struggles to stay one step ahead of the law.   After turning her boyfriend into the police,  Mary attempts to start over and escape her life of crime and drugs.  

She faces plenty of new challenges that could blow her cover . Not even changing her name and assuming a new identity and career will guarantee that the secrets she’s running from, stay buried.   

Cafe Lily's Review:

I recently read this again, after finding it at a book sale.  I think I enjoyed the story even more, the second time around.  This book is about second chances, grace, and forgiveness. This is a great story about starting over when your life is a complete mess.  It is a good example of how God quietly "whispers" and directs our path, even when we aren't quick to catch on to His leading.  Recommended!

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