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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Christmas Choir, DVD

Over the holidays, I stumbled up on a very heartwarming, family friendly movie.  Though the holidays are over, I highly recommend you keeping your eyes out for this DVD. This is a clean movie, with a fantastic message.

Based on a true story about Montreal's Accueil Bonneau Choir, The Christmas Choir is the inspiring account of how one man made a remarkable difference simply by giving of himself.

Peter Brockman (Jason Gedrick) is a successful-but-spiritually lost accountant whose life is turned on its head when he begins volunteering at a homeless shelter run by the caring-yet-cantankerous Sister Agatha (Rhea Perlman).

Amazed at the musical prowess of some of the shelter’s occupants, Peter sets out to organize them into a choir, singing holiday tunes in a local subway station. Though the singers and Peter each go through their own difficult personal trials, they slowly begin to learn to trust in each other and the power their music holds.

“The Christmas Choir” is inspired by the true story of a man volunteering at a homeless shelter who saw a way to help the men living there by creating a choir from their surprising musical talents. The men in the choir, mostly recruited from the streets and shelters of Montreal, ranged in age from 19 to 67.

Many were jobless and homeless, and some suffered from drug addiction and mental illness. But the choir's success in helping its members became part of its downfall. The group, which went on to record several albums and tour the world, experienced such success that the singers where able to gain the financial security and personal confidence to leave the streets forever.


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