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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All Things Hidden

This was an interesting book for the most part and I enjoyed learning more about a period in history that I wasn't very familiar with.

The authors based this book around the Matanuska Project, created by FDR for the Alaska territory, back in the 1930's.

While I wasn't completely surprised by the ending, and found the book overall predictable, the characters were enough to keep me reading.

I enjoyed the historical aspects of the book, more than the romance between the main characters. There's a lot of drama going on all the way through the book, and I enjoyed the suspense that the "villain" in this story created. Without that tension, the story may have dragged along a bit.

This book was ok for me - not the best that I've read by Tracie Peterson and certainly not my favorite out of all of her books. 

I suggest reading it for yourself, to see what you think.


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