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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Winner's Game

From Goodreads:

Ever since seventeen-year-old Ann Bennett was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition two years ago, her family has been pulling apart. Ann and her two younger siblings fight constantly, as do their parents. When the doctors announce that Ann's only hope of survival is a heart transplant by the end of the summer, the Bennetts decide to wait for news of a donor at a family vacation home on the Oregon coast, near Haystack Rock. But rather than healing their differences, the time away only widens the rifts between them. That is, until they learn about The Winner's Game, a game their great grandparents invented to save their marriage decades ago. It doesn't work immediately, it takes some time to figure out the right way to play, but little by little things start to change. It seems everything might be okay, until the day tragedy strikes, and they are confronted with what it really means to love--and to be a family.

 Cafe Lily's Review:

I so wanted to love this book.  And I tried....I really did.

I just wasn't able to connect because the story is told from constantly changing view points.  I could not find a rhythm and get locked into the characters or the story. 

I was so interested in the subject matter, and had high expectations from reading the back cover.  Sadly, I just never seemed to find the connection I was searching for.  


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