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Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Than Just the Talk: Becoming Your Kids' Go-To Person About Sex by Jonathan McKee

Have Real Conversations With Your Kids About Sex 

The old ways of having the "sex talk" just won't cut it anymore. Sadly, the number one place today's young people go to for answers about sex is Google. Meanwhile, kids view nearly 14,000 sexual references a year on television, and 70 percent of teenagers have encountered pornography on the Internet. If we want our children to know the truth about healthy sexuality, we need to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations.

Jonathan McKee will show you how to move beyond the initial awkwardness of this subject into an ongoing communication with your kids about God's amazing gift of sex. He equips you with what you need to talk openly about dating, temptation, porn, and purity, and you will find answers to tough questions and relevant Scripture on sexual issues.

It's normal for kids to be curious about sexuality, and they need to know that their parents are the most reliable source of information. Be the one your kids turn to on this crucial topic.

Cafe Lily's Review:

The statistics in this book are startling.  Parents really do need to educate themselves on what kids are exposed to now, and how to handle the tough topics.   If you are using YouTube as a free babysitter, you may want to rethink it.

No filters or limits on the Internet?  Better rethink that one too. 

The number one place kids are going to for answers is Google.  Easier to ask Google, than mom or dad who may freak out.

One of the most (and there were many) disturbing facts that I read in this book, was the author's recap of an observation made with a group of 20 teenagers, ages 13 to 14.  Every single teenager in this class had watched sodomy acted out in porn.  Needless to say, I was as stunned as the consultant running the observation. 

Have any older kids (or adults) enjoying Grand Theft Auto 5?   They are also enjoying the opportunity to visit strip clubs, have lap dances, pick up a hooker and choose from various sex acts.  If they want their money back? No problem.  They just choose a weapon to kill her with, when they've finished using her.

Our kids need guidance and direction.  They are bombarded with opportunities way beyond their years - and there is no way you can trust your child, pre-teen or teenager to navigate this alone.

I can't say that I agree with everything in this book, however there is a lot of good information if you're not sure where to start.  Silence breeds ignorance according to author Jonathan McKee.  It's time for parents to get their heads out of the sand, and pay attention to what their kids are into.

The main idea is that you talk about EVERYTHING with your kids, and make yourself their "safe" place.  Let them ask anything, everything, and all of the in between.  Don't overreact. Make sure you're the first person they come to with questions and concerns.

I would say this is great advice for every topic in life - not just sex.

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