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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Legacy

I have had the pleasure of reading all four books in this series.  
The Legacy, is the fourth book and was good, although I didn't feel that it was quite as emotionally intense as the first three.  For some reason, I didn't feel quite as engaged or drawn in, as with the previous books.
This book focuses on Doug Anderson, who is away at college and spreading his wings.  He makes some bad choices and the ripple effect of those choices affect his entire family.

This series in many ways reminds me of the Baxter family, made famous by Karen Kingsbury.  The characters are down to earth, easy to relate to and face challenges that are familiar to most of us living life.
I didn't realize this was the final book, until I read it on Dan's website.  I really enjoyed getting to know this family, and would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys contemporary Christian fiction. 

I do wish the series would continue - I think there's a lot to build on, and would love to read more.

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