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Monday, June 8, 2015

Once Upon A Summertime

Managing the Value Lodge in her hometown was not what Anna Gordon had in mind when she set out in the hospitality industry.

But it's a safe choice for a woman whose childhood was anything but stable. Out of the blue, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reinvent herself by moving to New York City, where she hopes for a management position at a stylish new boutique hotel. The big city is full of surprises--not the least of which is Sean O'Neil. Her childhood crush has applied for the very same position!

Cafe Lily's Review:

 I have enjoyed Melody Carlson's books for quite some time. My two favorite books so far, are River's Song and and River's Call.  These are both from The Inn At Shining Waters series. 

You can see reviews of those books here:

River's Song

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Once Upon A Summertime is the first book in the new Follow Your Heart series.  I found it entertaining and interesting.  I really liked the references made to Ellis Island, and how the author snuck in bits and
pieces of history.  It meshed really well with the story and was a great touch, being that the storyline was set in New York.

The ending wrapped up a bit quickly, but the buildup was enjoyable. Anna Gordon is easy to relate to and very relevant.  She's a hard working college graduate, working a job beneath her abilities.  She dreams of better, but has made personal sacrifices to help her elderly grandmother. Anna feels pulled between wanting better for herself, yet making sure her grandmother is okay.

I liked Anna better than the rest of the characters.  Overall the book was a good read, but my two top favorites are still River's Song and River's Call.


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