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Friday, September 9, 2016

Harpsong by Rilla Askew

I love the cover of this book.

It intrigued me, and made me want to know more about the folks in the photo. This book is fiction but covered the "dust bowl" depression period, and so I was interested in reading more about that time period.

Sadly, I did not enjoy the book that much.

It was a very heavy, gritty, hard read and I felt wrung out mentally and emotionally. This story follows a 14 year girl who runs off with a drifter. The book details their adventures, heartaches, and what I considered to be a horrible way of living!

I didn't like the way Harlan treated Sharon and what he put her through.  She finds him charming and tempting, but he doesn't take care of her properly and chases only after his own dreams. 

He aggravated me with his lazy, selfish lifestyle and the heart wrenching sorrow he puts Sharon through.

For more sensitive, conservative readers, there is some profanity laced within the story.  While it reflects the scene and what is taking place, it could be offensive to those who choose to avoid profanity in their reading. 

I'm noting it here, for those readers as I usually try to do.

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