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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Remembering Dresden

Second book in the Jack Turner Suspense series, Remembering Dresden is another great novel by Dan Walsh.  He includes an Author's Note in the back, which explains more about why he has ventured into the genre and some of his previous writing.

I had a serendipitous moment at my local library back in 2011, and have been a Dan Walsh fan ever since.  I read his very first "Jack Turner" story (When Night Comes) and while I am typically not a huge fan of the suspense genre, Dan's writing style is just easy to connect to.

Jack Turner is interesting, believable, and a man of character. While there is a touch of romance, this is more of a mystery/history novel.   Dan does a great job of blending historical facts, suspense, mystery and fiction all into one novel.

In this second book, readers meet up again with Jack who is doing research for his dissertation.  What you won't find in this book is profanity, sexual references, or innuendos.    ((Thank you, Dan!))

I started out with his first books which were a completely different genre and feel.  I find it very interesting that Dan is able to manage two completely different sides of the fence so to speak.   His suspense writing is just as good as his "original" style, if you can call it that. 

And remember - I am not a big fan of suspense!

As I said in my previous review of When Night Comes, Dan is a great writer and whether you prefer his suspense novels or his earlier books - you will not be disappointed.

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