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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

International Delight One Touch Latte Was NOT A Delight!

After finding this creamer at my local store, I was ready for a classy coffee experience.

Having left the big city behind a few years ago, life as a country girl has brought some changes. Mainly, not much in the way of  fancy-schmancy coffee houses.

I've been missing some froth in my life and was hoping to liven up my morning java.

I was anxious to try this and see if I would get the same frothy goodness as the video was showing.


This is nothing more than flavored whipped cream in a can, people.   And expensive too!

If you want whipped cream, just go buy some.  Save yourself the time and hassle.  This was a MESS.

I followed the instructions and it still did not come out at all like the video.   The can sputtered and spewed what looked like Silly String.

It was not fluffy, frothy or foamy.

It was not a delight.

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